From 1965 to 1975 Ralph was a Research Associate at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona, in Tucson creating scale models of lunar surfaces.  He also created a scale model of the planet Jupiter there. This was under the direction of Dr. Gerard Kuiper, the Solar System Astronomer.  After returning to Oregon in 1973 he continued making planetary models including two more of Jupiter of different eras and one of Phobos, the Marian satellite (moon).

                   Scale Models included:

Mare Cognitum (Moon)

 Alphonsus Alpha (Moon)

Carrizozo dimple crater (NM)

NE Rim of Alphonsus  (Moon)

NE Rim of Tycho  (Moon)

Topographic map of NE Rim of Tycho

Schroeter’s Valley I (Cobra head -Moon)

Schroeter’s Valley 11                       

Jupiter as of Jun 1971                      

Phobos at 1:60,000                                      

 Maps of Phobos and other data                  

Jupiter II at 1:300,000,000                   

Jupiter III at 1:300,000,000                

Deimos at 1:100,000                           

Phobos at 1:100,000                             

Mons Olympus                                

Much of the original and supporting material for this planetary work was purchased by the collector Randy Liebermann in 2003. Casts of Phobos, Diemos, Mons Olympos and Jupiter globes (blanks) can still be made at Rock Creek Experimental Station.

The reduction of scientific work in the Space Program made it necessary for Ralph to turn to other work. But he still dreams of doing another more detailed Phobos, or an asteroid, since they are so sculptural, if funds became available.

 Inquire at rjt@rockcreekexperiment.com

To get a copy of the comprehensive article on the Phobos model go to


Or if that is too much to copy go to www.sciencedirect.com and to ‘I’ and then ‘Icarus’ and make your way to Issue #33 (1978) and pages 116-140.  I am still asked for copies of this article and I have only one left.

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