In 1956, on a hunting trip, Ralph E. Turner, father of Ralph J, showed him the petroglyphs at a site in Yocum Valley, Lake Co., OR. He said that Indians used to visit the site where numerous large mortars remain today to pick apos and camas, though those vegetables are not generally ground.

In any case Ralph has searched out petroglyph and pictograph sites throughout the west since that early contact and is amazed at how the number of sites seems to multiply over the years as different explorers reveal what they found.  He found a great number of sites around Tucson, AZ, most identified, but some not And many more exist all around that state, as well as Utah. 

Here are a very few of the many signs that he has photographed and sketched over a period of nearly half a century.

To purchase higher resolution copies of any of these and others, contact him at rjt@rockcreekexperiment.com.

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