Outer NE Rim of the large, bright, crater Tycho on the moon 1970


Although the base of the model is rectangular, the great height of the rim, here on the lower right, creates an irregular form from close viewing. This view can be compared with the Orbiter V photograph M125  The altitude of the sun is 11.1 deg., and the azimuth of the sun is 12.1 deg. N of E. If a comparison is actually made, the Orbiter composite will appear narrower than this view because the strips were incorrectly pasted up. That is the kind of correction, of many, that needed to be made in the model making and indeed, became apparent when many views were studied.

The flat looking ‘puddles’ or ‘lakes’ are probably lava once molten that flowed from the rim of the crater down the slope puddling, and in at least one case (the form in the left center that looks like South America) cooled leaving a lip.

See bibliography for publication of this model where it is illustrated, mapped and discussed at length.

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