Ralph has done several murals in Portland, Corvallis, Wilsonville and Linnton, Oregon, Greeley, CO and Vancouver, WA, over the years 1982 - 2003. These were painted directly on the plaster walls in acrylic and more recently flash vinyl paint.

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To inquire about getting a wall painted, contact Ralph at rjt@rockcreekexperiment.com.

                                   Murals Included:

Multnomah Athletic Club lunchroom, Portland OR                              

Norwest Publishing lunchroom, Greeley CO                                      

Witham Hill Oaks Clubhouse, Corvallis OR                                        

Wilsonville Apartments Clubhouse, Wilsonville OR                            

Brix Maritime lunchroom, Linnton OR                                                   

Tidewater Cove Condominiums Clubhouse, Vancouver, WA

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