Large Questions May Be Considered

Large questions may be considered

But only little questions

Receive believable replies.  The

Big Bang and Black Holes

Dominate discussions of the universe.

Single suns and their mere Jupiters

Are relegated to children’s textbooks.

There you can read about Terra’s tides:

Somehow they’re more complicated

Than the story of the whole



Black Hole is the bogeytman

In the closet of all time.

Deep there where Billy Goat’s

Gruff used to dwell

Unfathomable masses have collapsed

And are gathering all of the moss

 In the vicinity,

At a dark



Through the magic of language

This dimensionless point,

Called a hole, is inverted.

In comic-book wham bam

Our minds are yanked through

Easier than a camel

Through a needle’s head

To the ‘other’ side. There

On the opposite beach

Of a two dimensional idea

We may watch Big Bang

Fire up for another fling

In slow motion

Thus we can appreciate

The violence

Of twentieth century



little mysteries remain, like

Who scratched Phobos’ back?

Who stokes Io’s furnace!

And what is the whirling path

Of that Earth who orbits

The Alpha Centauri



In the Big Bang bag all

Of the parts flow further

Apart from one another

At a scary rate.

The difficulty of sending postcards

From one world to another

Increaes with the hex of the distance,

Or something like



If I were to draw up a cosmos

I’d have it breathe. The enormous

Thorax would expand

And collapse in cycles.

Thus would circulation be enhanced.

Exchanges between orbs

Could occur. We might even

Get our backs





First published  in Jurgen Blunck’s: ‘Beseelte bruderliche Welt,’ Husum, Germany, 1988, p 158,159.

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