A geometric format was developed in the 1990s that was a take-off on the Medieval/Renaissance quatrefoil but with a hexagonal form. Some exploration of the form was done earlier, but during the hospital stay of Phyllis Turner starting in the summer of 2002, I began what became a series of hexfoil pen drawings that I could do on my lap or in a confined situation.  These have continued into 2005. I found 52 variations of the hexfoil and printed thin outlines on good plate bristol paper and other papers and drew within the format. These variations can be fit together and can be turned in space so that there are only 12 unique hexfoils. Here are some of the results.  Click on the buttons on the left that start with Hexfoil.

Prints of these and other hexfoils are available at small cost.  Contact Ralph at rjt@rockcreekexperiment.com.


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