When I went to College many years ago the first professor that I met, who appointed himself my counselor was Lloyd Reynolds. He signed me up for his Graphic Arts Workshop, which turned out to be an introduction to the history of the Roman Alphabet and to Italic lettering.  This particular lettering has been associated with the term calligraphy (beautiful handwriting) though that term is not limited to Italic.

During the course of that first year, I changed my handwriting, with some pain, since I took a lot of notes from the many lectures and limitless reading assignments, to Italic.  As in High School there was even some income to be made doing banners for school events, which I was soon allowed to do.

I kept up contact with Lloyd until his death about 30 years later. I introduced Calligraphy in the public schools of Seward, Alaska, Pima College, Tucson, Arizona, and Syracuse, New York, (though limited to architecture students there, and later in various communities in NW Oregon when I returned here in 1973.

I was perhaps more interested in the structure of letters, and the edged pen and attempted to carve letters first in Tucson and then later extensively in my studio in Sheridan, Oregon.  I did limestone first but that is a rare commodity in Oregon where wood was more plentiful, so I began to carve signs.

Thus the Calligraphy experience lies behind several other things that I got involved with such as the Relief Contour method of expressing topography (see Planetology). Perhaps my interest in the hexagon and non-rectalinear forms is related to this as well, though it is also related to an interest in the circle and sculpture in the round and geometry.

Also the interest in petroglyphs certainly is related to lettering and graphic symbolism.  (See Petroglyphs)

Here are some examples.  Click on items below Calligraphy on the left.

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