Ralph J. Turner  Partial list of Publications

Blunck, Jurgen: Mars and its Satellites, Exposition Press, Hicksville (NY), 1977, p 143-147.

____________ Besselte bruderliche Welt Gedenkschrift fur Hans Friedrich Blunck 1888-1988, Husum Druck (Germany), 1988 p 158: a verse: ‘Large Questions May be Considered.’ (in English).

____________ ‘Der Rote Planet im Kartenbild,’ Sterne und Weltraum 5:94, Heidelberg, 1994, p 361, shows a model by RJT of part of Olympus Mons.  George Awad has a copy of this.

____________’Der Rote Planet im Karten Bild, Staatsbibliothiek, Berlin, 1994, see pages 100 (Olympus Mons) and 122-124 (Phobos).

Kuiper, Gerard P. ‘ Interpretation of Ranger VII Records,’ in Schurmeier, H. M., (Ranger Project Manager) NASA Technical Report # 32-700: Ranger VII, Part II. Experimenters’ Analyses and Interpretations, JPL, Pasadena, 1985, p 60 is a view of the first model by RJT

_____________  : ‘Interpretation of the Ranger Records’ in NASA Technical Report # 32-800: Ranger VIII and IX, Part II. Experimenters’ Analyses and Interpretations,  JPL, Pasadena, 1966,  p 120-129 are views from above and oblique of the Alphonsus Alpha model by RJT.

Schwank, Von Angela: ‘Von Engeln und Aliens’ Sterne und Weltraum Special 3 , 1998, Heidelberg, Germany, see page 57 for a unique view of the Phobos model held by Jurgen Blunck.

Stooke, Philip J.: ‘Sizing Up Phobos,’ Sky and Telescope, May 1989, p 478,

Turner, Ralph: ‘Modeling and Mapping Phobos’ Sky and Telescope, Vo. 56, no. 4, Oct,1978, p 299—303.  This article has a view of the contour relief map of the southern hemisphere, missing from Icarus.

_____________ ‘A model of the Eastern Portion of Schroeter’s Valley,’ 1 Mar 1973,  Communications of the LPL, U of AZ, Vol 10, Part1, # 195 p 81-93.

____________ ‘The Northeast Rim of Tycho, ‘ 25 Mar 1970, Comm LPL,, The LPL, U of AZ, Vol. 8, part 4, # 149, p 203 – 234.

____________ ‘A model of Phobos’, Icarus 33. Academic Press, Cornell,  p 116-14-. 1978.  This is the most important work, done after I left LPL.



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