Alphonsus Alpha model  1966


Done in plasticene over about six months.  One meter square. Cast in reinforced epoxy. One cast is in the collection of Randy Liebermann. This was the second model created at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona, Tucson). This Mt. is approximately in the center of the large crater Alphonsus on the Moon.  We were interested in the rill that passes by the Mt. and appears connected to a large crater (to the right here). The Mt. was assumed to be of a pyramidal form, but that turned out not to be true.  To match the images, I had to make it a ridge. The detail here was solely from Ranger IX images which crashed in the area.  But the gross form was achieved by using telescopic views taken at dramatically different lighting conditions.  For instance the height of the Mt. was checked using photographs (taken especially for the purpose) when the lighting was from the opposite direction from this, i.e, sunset as opposed to sunrise in Alphonsus.  See bibliography for publications of this work by Dr. Kuiper.

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