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Eighth Generation

152. Sgt. John* BURRILL212,702,979,1195 was born on 30 Nov 1717 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA.702,1196,1197 Or 1694. He died in 1804 in Abington, Plymouth Co., MA.1198 He was buried in West Lynn, Essex Co., MA. He served in the military (1776-1783) in , , MA.1198 Listed as Corporal in the SAR records, if this is the same John Burrill. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots: Volume 1 shows a BURRILL John Foxcraft Cem, Sangerville, Piscataquis Co ME 61

He moved to Abingon, MA in 1742.

He purchased land for 150 pounds near Mattacease Plain in Abington from Thomas Hune in Suffolk Co. on 6 Feb 1749/50.

John kept a diary from 3 Aug 1759 to 23 Jul 1760 while in Capt. Moses Parker's Company in the French and Indian War. The following praphrases the diary:

By 4 Aug 1759 the ship had left Annapolis. Arms and ammonition had arrived and he was at St. Johns, Canada on 5 Aug. He saw action and speaks of plunder on the 16th. On the 17th the vessels were anchored and they had 'a frolic.' On the 30tth his troop killed a bear they found swimming across a river.

On 5 Sep his Colonel with officers and 85 men left by the river and returned on the 11th with only a little plunder because they were surprised by the enemy on a small creek. Seven of his company were killed. On the 17th a great amount of rain washed out part of the fort and it kept falling the next day. A comrade, Vine Turner died and was buried from wounds received earlier. Others died, and snow came on the 17 of October. On the 18th three French men appeared and surrendered and brought the news that Quebec had fallen to the English.

On 4 Nov he noted a wind and a high tide that washed stores of peas (beans?) and other provisions into the water. News came that the French were coming in. On the 5th the first family arrived. On the 7th the colonel returned with about 30 French families of women and children.

The Company wounded were returned home on the 11th of Dec by ship. On the 12th about 15 Indians arrived at the Fort and, created a problem of supplies. On the 13th about 20 more Indians arrived with a Priest: Drew Laurence (?). Provisions arrived on the 20th from Annapolis for the garison. Comrades began to leave. A ship from Boston brought some provisions on the 21st of Dec. He came down with a bad cold on 30 Dec.

On 1 January of 1760 3 Indians fell overboard and drowned. A little boy made it to shore. On the 2nd there was a 'free frolic.' he recieved a letter from his wife dated 15 Jul 1759 on 6 Dec. He observed a 'comet' falling in the NW and heard a noise like 3 distinct cannon (meteors). On 21 Feb his Captain Parker went to Babare Fort to fish. He noted that the 29th of Feb was a leap year.

On 12 Mar two more French families arrived from Quebe. On 23 Mar there was a snow storm and everyone received 4 pounds of Bounty from a Colonel Arbuthnott. Troops were moving out. He noted that he had beenaway from home one year on the 13th of Apr. The company seems to have been involved with manufacturing shingles because on 22 Apr they finished 30,000 of them.

On the 5th of May some soldiers deserted. On the 13th 30 of his company went home in a Schooner to New England, setting sale the next day. On the 18th and Indian chief made some good peas. The 28th was an Elections day. On the 30th there were30 more Indians for peas.

On the first day of June 1760 he received a letter from Danier Noyes and Noah Pratt by way of Capt. Curtiss. On 2 May a great number of Indians arrived from Passamaquody. On the 6th the company finished 63,000 of H shingles and the Colonel paid them 173 s 5d. Guard was mounted on the 7th. On the 8th he wrote home. On the 10th he delivered to Capt Moses Curtiss a double loom to confey to his wife at Abington for 36 pounds (?). Onthe 28th a high chief of the Indians arrived at the Garrison to make a final peace with the English. On the 29th, an Enggener Eare arrived to build a fort.

On 9 Jul the company left Saint John and set out for Anapolis. They arrived in Annapolis on the 10th and spent the next day there. On the 12th they had to tarr the ship all night. On the 15th they set out for Boston with a full wind. On the 18th there was a hard wind and they reached Casco bay that night. On the 19th they set out for Boson again with a small wind that day and the next. They left Cape Ann on the 21st and got to Boston that night. The sun was setting on a Tuesday the 22nd of Jul when they sighted Hingham. He went as far as 'Grandfather's Humphreys' that night. On Wednesday the 23rd he was home 'and found my family well as I left them.'
(see NEHGR 59:352-354 (Oct 1905))

In 1769 he lived on the Old Indian Trail which was parallel with Liberty St. in what is now Rockland. several hundred yards behind 77 Liberty St.

Sgt. John* BURRILL and Ann* VINTON were married on 15 May 1740 in Weymouth, Suffolk Co., MA.979,1199,1200

153. Ann* VINTON was born on 7 Sep 1718 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.1200 Children were:


Mary BURRILL was born on 22 Feb 1741 in Weymouth, Suffolk Co., MA.979,1201,1202


Anne BURRILL was born on 24 Oct 1743 in Abington, Plymouth Co., MA.979,981 Pick shows 17 March 1743.


Elizabeth BURRILL was born on 7 Aug 1746 in Abington, Plymouth Co., MA.979,981


Miriam BURRILL was born on 17 Mar 1749 in Abington, Plymouth Co., MA.979,981


John BURRILL981 was born on 5 Oct 1752 in Abington, Plymouth Co., MA.979 He died on 11 Sep 1842.982





Nathaniel BURRILL982 was born on 17 May 1761.979


Ziba BURRILL982 was born on 12 Mar 1765.979 He died in 1833.