Rock Creek Experiment

‘Seer’ 1982  48” high  Colorado Yule marble. In the collection of Marty and Judith Shapiro, Beverly Hills, California.i

Rock Creek Experimental Station is a place in the country where art and science come together.

Established in 1972 when a fold up model of the planet Jupiter was published, many projects followed including a scale model of the Martian satellite Phobos in 1975. Cast. Models of Jupiter and Phobos were sold to NASA and planetariums and educational institutions and some private individuals. These were followed by more scale models of the Planet Jupiter. Analysis and Mapping was made from these studies. As the space program ground to a halt and grants and contracts were no longer forthcoming I began to do carved signs, murals and sculpture for commercial use in the Pacific Northwest.  Some spatial studies were continued. 

Computer aided art was developed starting about 1973. 

In 1982 an experimental masonry earth prdotected house was designed by the architect Christopher Graeff on solar principles and low maintenance.  Some dome structures were explored earlier. At present signage, mural painting, and fine art continues by Ralph J. Turner at this site, assisted by Marlene Twiford.

A catalog of available paintings is accessible here as well as other visual products.  I would return a cost on inquiry.  Contact me at rjt@rockcreekexperiment.com.

About 1990 some study of genealogy was begun and has continued with DNA analysis as well as traditional genealogical methods of research.  An ancestry of Ralph J. Turner is accessible here.  Also some biographies have been done in association with this. 

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